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Lottoday Test Drive is ready!

Shuki announce test is live!   🚀🚀 LOTTODAY IS POWERED BY THE ULTRON CHAIN 🎉🔥 A BIG DAY FOR ULTRON 🏆 🔥 At Ultron, we're incredibly proud to have been chosen by 🍀 Lottoday to launch their test environment 👇 🧑‍💻 This was possible due to the amazing dedication of our entire team, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 💡 And because we value your opinion, we would like you to experience it first-hand and hear your thoughts about it!  🔎 Dive into the world of Lottoday, backed by the power and speed of the Ultron chain 👉 Get the feeling To begin your gamimg:

Paid on autopilot $$

Imagine getting PAID every day on autopilot from the LOTTERY! Now imagine that you'll get paid 2X to 8X Over and Over for Life!  Now Imagine if that was happening Monthly, Weekly or even DAILY!  When you have 5 continents that can participate in this lottery which has a $1 Million per day Minimum Prize and has a 1 in 7 chance to win, IT WILL EXPLODE!   What if, and it's very possible, that the daily lottery draws get to POWERBALL size. And 10% from every ticket is distributed to all the Hub holders daily directly to your external wallet (Metamask or Trust Wallet)!  These HUBs are almost sold out and you'll never get them again!  Get registered TODAY using a VPN for smooth registration!

Stage 5 of 6 is live!

  🚀🔥 ONLY 2 MIO LEFT 👏 DON’T BE LATE ⏰ ⌛️ Stage 4 is going fast! Get your Gaming HUB NFT together with ♾️ INFINITY RENEWAL rights and 💸 50% MORE RSPs  Start here