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Lottoday Test Drive is ready!

Shuki announce test is live!   🚀🚀 LOTTODAY IS POWERED BY THE ULTRON CHAIN 🎉🔥 A BIG DAY FOR ULTRON 🏆 🔥 At Ultron, we're incredibly proud to have been chosen by 🍀 Lottoday to launch their test environment 👇 🧑‍💻 This was possible due to the amazing dedication of our entire team, making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 💡 And because we value your opinion, we would like you to experience it first-hand and hear your thoughts about it!  🔎 Dive into the world of Lottoday, backed by the power and speed of the Ultron chain 👉 Get the feeling To begin your gamimg:

Paid on autopilot $$

Imagine getting PAID every day on autopilot from the LOTTERY! Now imagine that you'll get paid 2X to 8X Over and Over for Life!  Now Imagine if that was happening Monthly, Weekly or even DAILY!  When you have 5 continents that can participate in this lottery which has a $1 Million per day Minimum Prize and has a 1 in 7 chance to win, IT WILL EXPLODE!   What if, and it's very possible, that the daily lottery draws get to POWERBALL size. And 10% from every ticket is distributed to all the Hub holders daily directly to your external wallet (Metamask or Trust Wallet)!  These HUBs are almost sold out and you'll never get them again!  Get registered TODAY using a VPN for smooth registration!

Stage 5 of 6 is live!

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Why LOTTODAY NFT gaming hubs are selling fast.

  🎉🚀💳 THE CREDIT CARD ERA: BRINGING STAKING & GAMING HUB NFTS TO BILLIONS WORLDWIDE 💳🚀🎉 We've done the unbelievable: we're the FIRST and ONLY Web3 affiliate company to bring you this epic feature! 🌐🏆 By partnering with Getexch (, we're changing the rules of the game! 🔴CREDIT CARDS LIVE NOW🔴 🎯 Quick Facts: 🔹 Spend from €100 up to a massive €8,000 every month! 💰🚀 🔹 Snap up Staking & Gaming Hub NFTs and Back-office subscriptions with your card 💳💥 🔹 Visa and Mastercard? We take them both! 💳✅ ⏰ IMPORTANT NOTICE: 👉 Purchasing through Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) 👉 Your NFT will appear under My Hubs 5-10 minutes after purchase. 👉 Purchasing through Tron Chain (TRC-20) 👉 Your NFT will appear under My Hubs within 24 hours after purchase. This is due to additional safety measures applied by our partner Getexch - this will be shortened to 5-10 minutes in the next 3 days. Try this revolutionary feature by yourself now 👉 Looking

LOTTODAY ... what will you do with

A phased approach to revenue sharing has begun. Billions of dollars a day are spent on lottery tickets world wide Only available to people in that country Well here with a minimum MILLION dollar per draw prize you can see why a single $3 ticket will be so popular. No government constraints. Builds until won and even if it is won every day. It is still going to grow to more that the MILLION dollar minimum. What could be better that that? How about owning a piece of the house. Yes. There are spots available to become a minor holder of the Gaming HUB NFT. Just create an account here  without buying any hubs as you could win one at a presentation. Then checkout to resources to learn how you could get the HUB for paid for by us, here If you like what you see and want to start IMMEDIATELY go here We build teams. Let us show you how to do it correctly. Action = Satisfaction