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Juicy Trips with Cilo Cybin

  Hello our dear e-growers, While winter is coming to an end, we decided to warm you up with some inspiring news about new partner joining the JuicyFields Empire to make sure we'll enter a new season in high spirits   ✨. We are pleased to announce that  Cilo Cybin , a Holding entity for several companies with a focus on providing holistic health solutions, has become our respected partner. The company’s structure is distributed on several continents with the main production facilities based in South Africa and a chain of its retail and distribution labs in SA, Brazil, UK and the central office located in Europe, from where it's headed by  Gabriel Theron . The extraction and production facilities in South Africa cultivate medical grade cannabis and generate 100kg – 150kg of dried trimmed flowers on a monthly basis. However, starting from the end of April this range will be greater with a new EU-GMP compliant facility constructed. Other good news is that owing to the combined ef

Simplifying the Keto meal planning


Looking for a NEW income?

Become a farmer from the comfort of your home No watering required.   With all the lost employment around the world, in the supply chain the farmers are also looking to fund there crops. It is not all the lack of labor stopping their production. The smaller farmers really need some investment and until now was only going toward the BIG corporate farms. Want to help? With as little as €50.00 you can start receiving a return in about 108 days. Click for detail

Couch farmers only get up for munchies dude!

 A new kind of farming is spreading around the world at a blistering pace. This industry is being fueled by the medical communities need to supply and the time is perfect for those suffering lost of income. Couch farmers are like stay at home parents and like parents with children that the world pandemic has forced learning remotely, couch farmer use remote tools to tend their crops.  Like movie night at our place there is room on the couch for a couple more. SO WATCH THIS VIDEO  and when you are ready to our Buddie  click this link


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Have you considered becoming a "Jocial Influencer"?

  A Jocial Influencer is someone who works from home (or anywhere with an internet connection) doing simple Campaign Activities on behalf of companies. You are independent but have all the resources you need provided by Jocial Advertising.  It's an interesting and varied role and one that has many benefits, including: Flexibility -  Work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Good Earning Potential - Campaign Bonus  Approx. $12 to $15 per week Matching Bonus  Up to $240 per day Super Matching Bonus  Unlimited Earn, per day Global Power Bonus  Earn Up to $38200 Frequent payouts, upon completion of each Campaign/Activity Be your own boss and choose the work that suits you Activate Now For those that want the shortest learn path to maximum results you can request a private or group training session via webinar. This is by far the choice for anyone wanting to push up to the level ambassador and the $38,200.