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One Shake to rule them all

  MARKET DISRUPTOR - NEW NUTRITIONAL SHAKE CATEGORY Dutch Chocolate will radically and permanently change how the meal replacement industry operates. Which is one the fastest growing spaces* . This  SHAKE  is the  Highest Quality, Healthiest,  Most  Affordable , and most  Delicious Meal Replacement  on Earth. You can have an entire meal on smart-ship for as little as  $2.39 .  And you get a 60-day money-back empty bag guarantee. TIRED OF INFLATION?  This delicious meal replacement not only helps you  feel better, look better & live longer,  but  YOU  also  SAVE MONEY.  For as little as  $2.39 , you can redirect your spending. It helps  LOWER YOUR GROCERY BILLS . The cost of food at home has risen  13.5% from a year ago .  An unhealthy McDonald's happy meal now costs 12 bucks. For those looking to be an  ACTIVE MEMBER, you can now qualify monthly by SAVING MONEY with a HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE & DELICIOUS MEAL REPLACEMENT.   Reminder Why Be Active:  Members must order a minimum o


  What is the "YELLOW BRICK ROAD"(1) Decoding this picture from a marketing perspective Out of the blue sometimes a word, phrase or idea pops into your mind.  I was thinking about how I have evolved working in direct sales door knocking to phone calls. How all that has changed with the internet. Then again how everything from multi-level, referral, network and social media marketing all seem to be variation of direct marketing.  Well that brings me back to the phrase and I sought out a picture to give me clarity. When I saw this picture from clipground the reason took shape. Let's start with the background, blue and cloudy. The blue is a positive colour as it is not too dark and the clouds are fluffy enough to keep away concern but to a more scrutinous eye they possibility to slip to bad is there. Then your eye would catch the rainbow to return the hopefulness and direct your to the emerald city like cluster. I see in the the destination we marketers are seeking in every