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My Banner Impressions FOR SALE

BIX lists millions of impressions available every month.Banner impressions target the members of our sites and partner websites and they are Top of Page banner impressions only. This is the primier location on any site. Your banner will be seen by tens of thousands people.
Our members are deep into crypto currencies, blockchain, and all the direct selling tools and practices you can think of.
All impression have a 12 second life span. Geo targeting can be requested by continent at this time. Additional impressions beyound what is list here maybe available as typically there are millions avaiable monthly. Contact directly for details.

Note: There are certain guidelines and qualifications that need to be followed when creating a banner:
Ensure your banner is sized to 960px x 80px.Use images with white or transparent backgrounds.Fade any graphics to white that touch the banner edge.If it doesn’t meet the qualifications. Markethive reserves the right to make changes to it. The banners ar…


THE INBOUND/OUTBOUND MARKETING EVOLUTION - THE BUYER'S JOURNEYMy introduction to online marketing consisted of a training course that heavily focused on a form of email marketing, mainly safelists, which I found to be a very confusing and overwhelming strategy that involved numerous email accounts and hundreds of advertising sites that took up all my time with very little results. After a while, I felt totally disillusioned and burned out with that and turned to social media marketing of sorts which was okay for a while but then became frustrating and nonsensical. Then by chance, I came across Inbound Marketing and it all made sense to me. “Inbound marketing” was a term coined by Hubspot which was founded in 2005, but invented and established nearly a decade earlier by Markethive (operating as Veretekk) way back in 1996 and known as Automated Marketing. For many companies needing to cater to the customer and prospects’ needs and as competition became more fierce they turned to inb…