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Bridging the digital with the physicalTo ensure continuous access to digital and physical assets and the ability to use them for payments anywhere anytime, there will be a collection of payment card products enabling smooth global payments, wherever Argentas' future proprietary payment network is not accessible.
We area team building this project on markethive. A free inbound marketing platform that you can join with a valid email address. Once a member of this group you will get new members to your Argentas team too! Join us on markethive here

Have you considered becoming a "Jocial Influencer"?

A Jocial Influencer is someone who works from home (or anywhere with an internet connection) doing simple Campaign/Activity on behalf of companies.It's an interesting and varied role and one that has many benefits, including:Flexibility - Work from wherever you want, whenever you want.Good Earning Potential -Campaign Bonus Approx. $12 to $15 per weekMatching Bonus Up to $240 per daySuper Matching Bonus Unlimited Earn, per dayGlobal Power Bonus Earn Up to $38200Frequent payouts, upon completion of each Campaign/ActivityBe your own boss and choose the work that suits youActivate Now

*** Inbound Calls - $500+ Days! Guaranteed Pay! ***



TOP 10WHY CTFO CBD IS THE BEST QUALITY PRODUCTAND AT THE BEST PRICING1. Our CBD is made from NON-GMO, PESTICIDE FREE, CO2 Extracted Hemp Oil using only organic ingredients.2. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A. in a registered G.M.P. G.M.P. stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and refers to a system of manufacturing that guarantees reproducibility of product quality to set specifications3. They are manufactured in a cruelty-free facility. That also means there is no testing on animals done in our facility; that’s a big issue – especially in the skincare industry.Read the full list here ...membership site request a free account with your valid email.

Affiliate comp plan that re-enters you ...

Patented compensation planHello my fellow internet marketers have I got something new for you. I am sure you have tried uni-level, regenerating matrix, infinity bonus pay. You may have been involved with a product line that featured business builder pack, fast start and maybe even team pay.
Now depending on how you approached the opportunity you may have done well or struggled. I know that if you get brought in to the hype and even if you are onside with the products you just may not be able to build it. Then on the opposite side of the you may or may not really like the product and find that one person that explodes the team under you.
Well I have found a a new company that has come up with an exciting new way to look at you team build that benefits both those how can and those that struggle filling out there teams. It combines elements that I listed above and ands a new twist.
Not only do they offer great BCD and non CBD products, a webstore for you and training, they offer a simple tr…

My Banner Impressions FOR SALE

BIX lists millions of impressions available every month.Banner impressions target the members of our sites and partner websites and they are Top of Page banner impressions only. This is the primier location on any site. Your banner can be seen by 200+ thousand people every insertion.
Our members are deep into crypto currencies, blockchain, and all the direct selling tools and practices you can think of.

CLICK HERE TO BUY All impression have a 12 second life span. Geo targeting can be requested by continent at this time. Additional impressions beyond what is list here maybe available as typically there are millions available monthly. Contact directly for details.

Note: There are certain guidelines and qualifications that need to be followed when creating a banner:
Ensure your banner is sized to 960px x 80px.Use images with white or transparent backgrounds.Fade any graphics to white that touch the banner edge.If it doesn’t meet the qualifications. Markethive reserves the right to make c…


THE INBOUND/OUTBOUND MARKETING EVOLUTION - THE BUYER'S JOURNEYMy introduction to online marketing consisted of a training course that heavily focused on a form of email marketing, mainly safelists, which I found to be a very confusing and overwhelming strategy that involved numerous email accounts and hundreds of advertising sites that took up all my time with very little results. After a while, I felt totally disillusioned and burned out with that and turned to social media marketing of sorts which was okay for a while but then became frustrating and nonsensical. Then by chance, I came across Inbound Marketing and it all made sense to me. “Inbound marketing” was a term coined by Hubspot which was founded in 2005, but invented and established nearly a decade earlier by Markethive (operating as Veretekk) way back in 1996 and known as Automated Marketing. For many companies needing to cater to the customer and prospects’ needs and as competition became more fierce they turned to inb…

This link helps you build a following with YOBIT
Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is used worldwide. Learn more how it works and how it can be applied from the manual below.  What is Bitcoin?Created in 2009 Bitcoin (or BTC) has become the first digital currency applied in electronic transactions without any intermediate units such as banks that require funds transfer fee.Low commission of Bitcoin (or its absence, if one wishes) as well as complete transaction anonymity have become a revolutionary discovery at the market of electronic transactions. Electronic p2p currencies are constantly gaining popularity with the users. To get detailed information about Bitcoin please visit official website Bitcoin Official Site.Now at the market there is a great number of cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin that have the same characteristics of safety and reliability. The most reliable currencies are available at Is it legal to use cryptocurrencies and work with Yobi…


Markethive is a mighty light on the mountain attracting the multitudes, the millions into our city to prepare for financial sovereignty, and be free in this world of suppression and authoritarianism. The next-generation market network is expanding daily as more and more people see the magnificent vision as Markethive progresses with the many integrations, various platforms, and money-making systems that make up the complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. 
The Two Primary EnginesMarkethive has two engines driving it and working simultaneously bringing millions of entrepreneurs into this safe haven which is the central hub and gateway to the internet universe. Social media and online marketing platforms or digital media sites typically only have one engine. LinkedIn, for example, only has a subscriber engine meaning they get their traffic through people subscribing to them so basically you have to log in to LinkedIn to see their platform. CoinTelegraph, a high profile digital media site, i…

Where in the world is Markethive used?

What you can take from this infographic is how many countries our INBOUND marketing platform is used. A true global delivery and the announcement of the first money machine BIX, a banner impression exchange that allows members to buy or sell the highly sought banner spot above the folder.

Find out more by visiting markethive.

CryptoTab turned 2

Our users who have just learned about CryptoTab Browser may not know this, but the project has been around for 2 years. Launched as an extension, it has grown into a standalone browser with a built-in mining feature. We want our new users to be sure: CryptoTab's in it for the long haul. We will continue to work on improvements & new features, we will do our best to enhance the mining algorithm so that you can earn more. Use the browser, invite your friends to the mining network, get a decent bitcoin income — 24 hours a day, seven days a week! START MINING

The repeating 20's


Top center Ad banners

Do you buy banner ads on a regular basis Considered the AAA Real Estate of banner advertising the top center of any website is becoming available on a network of sites and partner in a very short time. If you are a buyer of this prime location can to say that your CPM is less that $20, as that is what I am offering now prelaunch.
I would like to ask you if you currently buy 100K banners yearly in this location and if your annual cost is under US$1000.00. If not would you be interested in securing a long term place at this $1000.00?
We are in final beta of our banner impression product and our production service has an Alexa at 5088 and a worth of web Estimated pageviews per month: 64,773,540.
I am currently offering up to 100K impression at $20 CPM pre-order for the launch which is anticipated mid May 2020.

Membership required as free or paid account and signup is a verifiableemail here

Buy or Sell banner ads

Is that really possible? Well let me walk you through a business plan that says it is and then YOU can decide for yourself.
Without going in to the details of how as the promoters of this method have that laid out for you, not what I want to do is an executive summary of the plan. I will link to the the project at the end.
Why banner ads are important? Go to any web page and at the top highest prized advertising space. The proverbial Super Bowl of the web.
"A 30-second spot during the 2020 Super Bowl (which airs on Fox) costs $5.6 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter."
Everyone that want to get their message out want to grad this placement but for most, especially the small and independent business people that is out of the question.
Banner exchanges are a solution. For year now banner exchanges have been trying to solve this problem for the little guys but none so far have provide a completely satisfying product. That was the motivating reason this project began to…

Money Machine the BIX

"20 years ago the Lord gave me a vision and an urgency to get what has taken me over 20 years of intense work to build. It once was Veretekk, the first Inbound Marketing platform started back in 1996 and closed down around 2014. I thought I was done but about the same time I was given a clear blue print vision to build Markethive and to restart from scratch. I built the blue prints and design interfaces based on what I had learned from building Veretekk."
                                      Thomas Prendergast

Here are a few of the latest updates for Markethive.

We are in new traffic territory approaching the 4000s in Alexa. With over 400,000 daily visits and over 60 million impressions per month, it seems our engines are starting to get traction.

We are about to launch our first Money Machine the BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange)

The Wallet release

Our own conference room.
For the business minder members out there this mean only the 500+- Entrepreneur One members will sha…

Take a look at why I became a member of InfinityTrafficBoost...

Banner Impressions Exchange nears!

The Banner Impressions Exchange is coming folks. Entrepreneur One goes up in price when it does.As we continue the slow growth of Entrepreneur One upgrades our development grows exponentially. Now on the cusp of our own Web conference room. On the cusp of launching the BIX "Banner Impression Exchange" on the cusp of releasing our first generation first wave wallet.
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healthy-looking hair and scalp

FEATURES & BENEFITS Reduces the appearance of blemishesHelps maintain healthy-looking hair and scalpMaintains the appearance of healthy skin and nails when applied to feet and toenailsIncludes the naturally occurring constituents terpinene4-ol, gamma terpinene, and alpha-terpineneIncluded in Purification® and Melrose™ essential oil blends, ClaraDerm™, and moreHelps eliminate musky odorsMay work as a naturally derived deodorant