What is the "YELLOW BRICK ROAD"(1)

Decoding this picture from a marketing perspective

Out of the blue sometimes a word, phrase or idea pops into your mind. 
I was thinking about how I have evolved working in direct sales door knocking to phone calls. How all that has changed with the internet.
Then again how everything from multi-level, referral, network and social media marketing all seem to be variation of direct marketing. 
Well that brings me back to the phrase and I sought out a picture to give me clarity. When I saw this picture from clipground the reason took shape.
Let's start with the background, blue and cloudy. The blue is a positive colour as it is not too dark and the clouds are fluffy enough to keep away concern but to a more scrutinous eye they possibility to slip to bad is there.
Then your eye would catch the rainbow to return the hopefulness and direct your to the emerald city like cluster. I see in the the destination we marketers are seeking in every program. The end goal to reach the big time and be a success. After all to afford to live with so many emerald you have to have bank.
I know many of you would have first focused on the bright red poppies in the foreground as I probably did too, however, I left then until now as the story goes that when you venture off the path into the flowers you are over powered with the desire to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I did not want to loose your attention and that consequentially is what happens to many newbee in the direct selling spaces. After their eyes adjusts to the program and the appeal dulls and the rewards do not reach their perceived expectation they start looking for the next shinny object or dire I say become disillusioned to the point they stop dreaming all together.
Well there is where the Yellow Brick Road becomes centre of attention for me. When you look at this picture the bricks are different. In that I see the many different programs out there and a multitude of how they can be designed, which if not understood by the creators and or the practitioners, become the stumbling stone on the path.
That leave the trees and other ground covers that represent to me other distractions that want to draw you off the path. These could be traditional jobs, retirement and anything else.

Where does that leave us then?

How about with this picture from Ellan Marcus.

Here I find the path much clearer and more present. For me I was drawn to the centre of the spiral as the starting point. The excitement of starting. The start is always a little accelerated as there is so much to learn and the leaps forward happen faster than after you have been in a program for a while.
The grass on either side of  the path does not draw you in, it is short and nothing pops out to steal your attention. It is just a boundary to help you stay on course.
The path itself is pretty uniform and gets wider to a point that I see as symbolizing what most programs have as the maximum level of success they can offer. It path also goes off into the future, over the hill and has not signs of ending, that I interrupt as life long income opportunity 
That leaves only the sky as the small background and full of colour. The colours represent all the struggles and success that aare experienced on the path of life and in our case in direct sells.

So what are you trying to tell us here?

from esty
Regardless for what you pick as the product, service or program you need to make it something you can talk about from your personal experience. You can do that by simply looking around your home and doing an inventory of what is there. I am certain that you can see what you use on a regular basis to make a list of.
This list is your starting point to success as on it you will find the gold. That is the product you are currently buying and using, but you may have to change brands to find ones there you will like just as much and that have a program to allow you to earn from.
By way of example for you I offer this;
You do laundry and use use a commercial brand  

You could try something like YoungLiving Thieves Laundry Soap

This I how I learn about product and their company plans to pay me. The first hand knowledge you gain by using the product is what I learnt all those years ago with water filters, encyclopedias and such. For me the hands on with product let me talk about my experience and not just what a product flyer said.

You can try any number of product until you find one you lie, has a price point that fits your budget and a compensation plan that works for you. It is also very valuable to find a team to work with and that may be already in your family and friends community.

Disclosure: As an active marketer I am also a consumer and distributor of YoungLiving and other product. That is why I can comfortably compare their products here. The purpose is for illustration only and you are encouraged to do research to find what fits your lifestyle.

(1) https://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › metaphor

The meaning of METAPHOR is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money); broadly : figurative language.


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