Three Enhancements to HELP OTHERS SUCCEED

 CTFO 2.0 is taking our Company to Another Level 

"We are Changing the Mindset and taking actions to HELP others Succeed. We are going to stop encouraging actions that hinder a member's success. The principles of success are authentic, and we take them seriously. We will promote activities that reward the proper actives and support our mission. To Empower People to Achieve Good Health and Abundant Prosperity through Service to Others. 

If people don't use our products, they will not experience the health benefits, and we miss the opportunity to improve someone's life. We also know that if someone does not have product belief, and experience to speak first hand, it is difficult to recommend to others with any success.


1. We are doing others a disservice to bring someone in for free and not having them try a product. CTFO will always be FREE to JOIN. There never will be an enrollment fee, monthly or annual, like most other companies charge. Effective September 25th, a person who wants to join CTFO can participate for FREE, but only with a minimum $45 order. There is no reason a person should join CTFO without trying a product or products, especially with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

2. Effective the week ending September 4th, a member can no longer collect a commission check without a minimum personal order of $45 within the previous 30 days or have ten active customers/members. This includes NOT getting paid on the first level. Most companies require $150 and as high as $300

3. Effective November 1st, members must place a minimum order of $45 within the previous 60 days or have ten active personal customers/members become customers only to maintain their organization. CTFO has one of the lowest, if not lowest qualifier in the industry. Without an active order within the last 60 days, everyone in their organization rolls up permanently to the next upline active member. IMPORTANT: If you have an organization, you will want to place an order between now and October 31st, or you will permanently lose them. With all the new products being launched, you don't want to miss out.

I can help you get started TODAY!


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