Juicy Trips with Cilo Cybin



Hello our dear e-growers,

While winter is coming to an end, we decided to warm you up with some inspiring news about new partner joining the JuicyFields Empire to make sure we'll enter a new season in high spirits  ✨.

We are pleased to announce that Cilo Cybin, a Holding entity for several companies with a focus on providing holistic health solutions, has become our respected partner.

The company’s structure is distributed on several continents with the main production facilities based in South Africa and a chain of its retail and distribution labs in SA, Brazil, UK and the central office located in Europe, from where it's headed by Gabriel Theron.

The extraction and production facilities in South Africa cultivate medical grade cannabis and generate 100kg – 150kg of dried trimmed flowers on a monthly basis. However, starting from the end of April this range will be greater with a new EU-GMP compliant facility constructed.

Other good news is that owing to the combined efforts of Cilo Cybin and JuicyFields, the first batch will be exported to Germany in the near future.

The company specializes in high content THC cannabis, produced to the finest standards and intended for medical use. Apart from cannabis flowers, Cilo Cybin has expertise in producing full spectrum oils.

Their South African licensed indoor facility totals 580 sqm at the moment (excluding new upcoming greenhouses) and is fully automated and controlled. The cultivation area is compliant with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices). The greenhouse uses solely RO (Reverse Osmosis) cleaned water to prevent heavy metals or chemicals build-up in the plants, whereas the air is filtered through HEPA filters to ensure clean air. The growing conditions have been assessed and authorized by the South African Health officials.

The distribution process is fully compliant and certified with the global standards and ensures total security of  the long shipments between two continents.

Apart from a close cooperation in export business, the top management of Cilo Cybin will also take a part in one of the most remarkable events that will be organized by JuicyFields in 2021.

More is yet to come already from the next week but for now you can enjoy some more images from greenhouses.

The bottom line is that South Africa is a true cannabis treasury that we keep exploring and sharing with all mj lovers.


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