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A very popular term in social media is "INFLUENCER". It was common to see celebrities and athletes years ago to promote and talk for a brand. It can be considered the idea behind social media platforms.

On the internet right now the influencer platforms have subdivided them into four major types based on the number of people they directly influence. The ranges are from 1 million plus down to less than 1000 people. Each of these ranges tends to attract different interest for the type of influence they can impart. 

The advertising industry has further explored these ranges and are beginning to structure their advertising plans to focus the delivery suited for these groups. The Jocial Advertising agency in particular has identified a huge value in the less 1000 range, Nano Influencers and have developed a platform specifically for them.

This platform was launched in June of 2020 and has experienced rapid growth in the first quarter. They have a plan to come out of BETA in January 2021 and from my perspective they appear to be well on their way to achieving that. The platform offers a multiple methods to earn and is suitable for individual effort or team building.

As an individual with as little as 10 minutes a week you can make some extra cash but there is also more earnings for you with a 30-45 minute daily work plan. The return on any subscription starts with this basic activity. 

For people wanting to make a living in what I will characterize as your own ad delivery agency, the second path is team building. Now like any affiliate platform your earning start with your direct referrals but the way the platform is configured you are receiving spill-over and you get to earn from them as well.

Since I have been working with this platform in July 2020 I have had a chance to work through the processes and streamline the learning to hit the highest earning path. I am openly sharing this with my team members so we all can reach the ambassador level expressly and earn $38200 monthly. This like any other income opportunity does require YOUR EFFORT but my team will help you with that.

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