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TRX Millions is capitalizing on the TRX ( TRON ) Token. We only accept the TRON token for payment and payouts at TRXMillions. When you get started for free today, you will receive your free positions and free advertising. Feel free to upgrade into any of our 32 different advertising packages while earning unlimited income. Each of our packages is split into two systems, TM1 and TM2.

TM1 is a 3x1 team/personally forced matrix system. You will receive 100% commission to your internal wallet on the first 2 position in this matrix. The third payment will go to your upline, giving you a reentry into the TM1 level that you just cycled. TM2 is a combination of Company Forced and Team forced 2x2's. The first 5 levels of TM2 are Company Forced, meaning as members purchase into that level, they will cycle our of that level in order. Persoanl referrals do not make a difference in these first 5 TM2 levels. You will earn on the last 3 positions in this matrix. The last position in the 2nd level of the 2x2 will be paid to the next person in line looking to receive a commission in their 2x2, giving you a paid entry back into that level. TM2 levels 6 - 16 are personally/team forced levels where your referrals will follow you into each level as they upgrade. The first 10 levels of TM1 and TM2 have been combined together for easier and faster purchases.

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