Top center Ad banners

Do you buy banner ads on a regular basis

Considered the AAA Real Estate of banner advertising the top center of any website is becoming available on a network of sites and partner in a very short time. If you are a buyer of this prime location can to say that your CPM is less that $20, as that is what I am offering now prelaunch.

I would like to ask you if you currently buy 100K banners yearly in this location and if your annual cost is under US$1000.00. If not would you be interested in securing a long term place at this $1000.00?

We are in final beta of our banner impression product and our production service has an Alexa at 5088 and a worth of web Estimated pageviews per month: 64,773,540.

I am currently offering up to 100K impression at $20 CPM pre-order for the launch which is anticipated mid May 2020.

Membership required as free or paid account and signup is a verifiable email here


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