Money Machine the BIX

"20 years ago the Lord gave me a vision and an urgency to get what has taken me over 20 years of intense work to build. It once was Veretekk, the first Inbound Marketing platform started back in 1996 and closed down around 2014. I thought I was done but about the same time I was given a clear blue print vision to build Markethive and to restart from scratch. I built the blue prints and design interfaces based on what I had learned from building Veretekk."
                                      Thomas Prendergast


Here are a few of the latest updates for Markethive.

We are in new traffic territory approaching the 4000s in Alexa. With over 400,000 daily visits and over 60 million impressions per month, it seems our engines are starting to get traction.

We are about to launch our first Money Machine the BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange)

The Wallet release

Our own conference room.
For the business minder members out there this mean only the 500+- Entrepreneur One members will share in the 20% revenue pool and with BIX their banner impressions, 1 share of 60 million.

60 mil/500 E1=120,000 at $0.005=$600 a month. Current market price for banner ads is considered to be $0.01 - $0.05 near the bottom of the charts.

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