Buy or Sell banner ads

Is that really possible?

Well let me walk you through a business plan that says it is and then YOU can decide for yourself.
Without going in to the details of how as the promoters of this method have that laid out for you, not what I want to do is an executive summary of the plan. I will link to the the project at the end.

Why banner ads are important?

Go to any web page and at the top highest prized advertising space. The proverbial Super Bowl of the web.
"A 30-second spot during the 2020 Super Bowl (which airs on Fox) costs $5.6 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter."
Everyone that want to get their message out want to grad this placement but for most, especially the small and independent business people that is out of the question.

Banner exchanges are a solution.

For year now banner exchanges have been trying to solve this problem for the little guys but none so far have provide a completely satisfying product. That was the motivating reason this project began to develop a solution for this market. They can up with the idea to provide a set of tools to level the playing ground so to speak. These tools will soon be added to with the release of a banner impression exchange on May 1st, 2020. BIX will be the first money machine in their stable and it will allow the buying or selling of the premium TOP page banner location across the entire collection of website and partners sites.

Banner impressions, what ...

On the web you can find the value of a site through a couple well know sites. ALEXA and Worth of Web. These two site monitor, track, rank and evaluate how much other sites are worth and the amount of traffic the recieve. It is this traffic the leads to how many people actually see the TOP banner and that is what an impression is. The BIX is current receiving 65 million page view a month. These impressions are share by a small group of investor through what is call an ILP Incentivised Loan Program. Basically these IPS agree to fund the project of ten years and for that the get one share of those 65 millions impression.

Here is the math to calculate its' value.

65 mil / 500 ILP shares = 130,000 impression each
On the BIX if you list and see those impressions for $0.01 your monthly revenue would be 130000 * 0.001 = $1,300.
From a financial perspective that equates to an RIO of more than 12x.

The catch

With the BIX money machine going live May 1st, 2020 the project will not be extending anymore ILP investors, why would they with returns like these. However, up to April 30th, 2020 these are still some shares available and if you use banner advertising, would like to have  an online business or see an investment opportunity here, I recommend that to seek more detail here.

Tools to succeed

NOTE: To see the information it does require you create an account through a verifiable email process. I am an investor in this project and really look forward to us possible working together.


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