Markethive is in Beta. We are a huge project, funded by many of the members of Markethive.
We are a SAAS (Software as a Service). We are a Social Network. We are a commerce platform.
We are an ecosystem. We are a Block chain. We are by, for and of the members of Markethive.

We are responsive to our members, transparent, and have one of the best Support services on 
the Internet. Our continued development is an act of love and is influenced by your input and output.

We are fully operational, and our crew of developers, writers, designers and engineers, works,
 promotes, supports builds and upgrades this platform around the clock. If you have tried other
 systems support like Blogger, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Adobe, Medium, Craigslist,
  Telegram, Ibotoolbox, etc. You will discover, Markethive ranks right up at the top of the best when 
it comes to respond time, interaction as well as resolution.

Our platform is fully functional, albeit, like all software, there are areas in need of upgrades and other 
functions that have minor issues. Software is always in development and always evolving. If you 
comment in support something you have identified as broken is fixed, use the system as is and
 never just stop. As momentum is the key to achieving your goals.

There is nothing like Markethive. We are the only true Market Network and our Inbound Marketing 
Platform is superior to all others, including Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot.

We are entering our next stage and that is our final push for our last fund cycle raising the millions
 to launch a full blown massive Marketing Campaign. Our Pitch Deck and White Paper are now
 completed and the process of interviews has begun with Angel and Venture Capitalist as well as 
individual investors. Our completed White Paper and Pitch Deck are found here.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Thomas Prendergast


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